Villa Coyaba Condos luxury in Destin
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About Our Area

 Explore Golf Courses and Fishing near Villa Coyaba.

   A few steps on Villa Coyaba's pure white beach and you'll understand why this beach is rated as one of the finest beaches in the world. What makes our sand so white? It is actually composed of pure quartz crystal, washed down from the Appalachian Mountains over thousands of years. Pick up a few grains and you'll notice that they are almost clear, not white. Slip off your shoes and you'll notice that the beach not only looks different, it feels and sounds different. Like the beaches in parts of Hawaii, the sand is so fine and clean that it actually squeaks when you walk.
And why does the Gulf along Scenic Highway 98 look so clear, with emerald waters streaked with shades of turquoise? This translucent quality occurs because the water is filtered through the estuary of Apalachicola Bay, which catches sediment and other impurities, leaving only pure, clean water to flow into the Gulf.

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