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7 Great Reasons

7 Reasons to Make Villa Coyaba your Second Home

Is your Gulf-front home ready to take on what Mother Nature has to offer?

When deciding to buy a vacation home along the Emerald Coast, you need to consider much more than what you see on the surface.  With the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico also comes the possibility that the wind, water, salt air, and occasional storm may have devastating impacts on your home if it is not properly prepared. Your purchase of a Gulf-front condominium or house represents a significant investment. Make sure that investment is built to last by examining what is under the skin, beyond the nice amenities and attractive colors.

The developers, design professionals, and contractors of Villa Coyaba have taken significant measures to make Villa Coyaba not only one of most attractive Gulf-front projects but also one of the best built. The exterior architecture and interior appointments of Villa Coyaba are stunning.  The amenities, including a heated Gulf-front pool, a fitness room overlooking the Gulf, a private theater, and underground parking, are equally incredible.  However, Villa Coyaba also has the toughness to match its beauty and withstand the potentially harsh environment of the Gulf.

Consider these 7 Reasons to Make Villa Coyaba your Second Home!

1. High & Dry
- The first habitable floor of Villa Coyaba sits at approximately 30 feet above sea level. Moreover, the first floor sits above a parking garage enclosed by 8-inch think concrete walls.  This offers the first floor and the entire building significant protection from storm surge.

2. Solid Concrete Walls - Unlike most condominiums which use metal stud cladding for exterior walls, the walls of Villa Coyaba are constructed almost entirely of poured-in-place steel reinforced 8-inch thick concrete.  For example, the floor, ceiling, and side walls of each unit are constructed of 8-inch thick solid concrete.  Not only does this result in an incredibly strong long lasting building, it also significantly reduces any sound bleed-over from adjacent units.

3. Deep Foundations - The Villa Coyaba building is supported by over 370 steel reinforced concrete pilings 14 inches in diameter. Each piling is buried to a depth of 33 feet below sea level and designed to support a compression load of 70 tons. 

4. Storm Protection of Pool & Decking - Unlike most Gulf-front pools, Villa Coyaba's Gulf-front pool and decking area is built on 120 steel reinforced concrete pilings 14 inches in diameter. Each piling is buried to a depth of between 5 and 15 feet below sea level and designed to support a compression load of 70 tons. This deep foundation system is designed to protect the pool and decking from failure in the event of storm surge.

5. Missile Impact Windows & Sliding Glass Doors - Villa Coyaba is constructed with Traco windows and sliding doors, some of the toughest on the market. These units have a pre-finished Kynar coating to ensure long lasting protection from deterioration and color fading.  The window and door units are designed to meet wind pressures exceeding 98 pounds per square foot.  Moreover, the windows and doors contain missile impact glass designed to resist hurricane-driven debris and cyclic wind.

6. Roofing - The metal roof system consists of standing seam aluminum panels with a Kynar finish to ensure a long lasting system in the coastal environment. The metal and flat built-up roof systems are rated at up to 130 miles per hour wind gusts.

7. Protection Against Moisture & Water Intrusion - Villa Coyaba is taking several extra steps to protect against one of the most significant threats to Gulf-front homes: humidity and water intrusion.  Villa Coyaba has retained an independent water management consultant to monitor construction, make preventative recommendations, and ensure the proper water proofing of the building.  As part of this process, the consultant performs water intrusion tests of windows and sliding glass doors to ensure proper installation. As an additional layer of protection, each Villa Coyaba unit comes with an installed dehumidifier as part of its air conditioning system. When run properly, the dehumidifier should eliminate excessive moisture in the unit which could lead to the growth of mold.

To see for yourself, view the construction photos on the News page.

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